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A Band to Sleeve Gastrectomy from Dr. Feiz can Be Life-Saving

At Dr. Feiz and Associates, you'll find a team that provides the ideal weight loss solutions for those in search of treatments like Lap Band or gastric sleeve surgery (also known as sleeve gastrectomy). Of course, whether you elect to undergo Lap Band or any other weight loss treatment will largely have to do with your own physical traits, weight loss goals and health needs.

That's why so many people find themselves wondering about Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy. While both treatments can be very effective, they are also very different in a number of ways. For example, while sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent surgery that involves the removal of a part of the stomach, Lap Band involves placement of a removable elastic band around the stomach. The band is adjustable, so that you can tighten it or loosen it as you lose weight or experience any fluctuations.

One of the things people like most about Lap Band is that it is completely removable and reversible. If you decide Lap Band isn't for you, Dr. Feiz or a member of his team can remove it, and in some cases even perform a Lap Band to sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Since Lap Band revision surgery requires a great deal of precision and care, it should always only be performed by a true expert surgeon like Dr. Feiz. He brings an unparalleled precision and skill to every patient he treats – and he's dedicated to seeing each one achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Dr. Feiz & Associates offer many options to people interested in solutions for weight loss in Los Angeles. The highly experienced Dr. Michael Feiz and his team provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Los Angeles. They also provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Beverly Hills, Oxnard, Huntington Beach, and a variety of other convenient office locations.

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