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A Helping Hand for Type 2 Diabetes

When the human body resists the insulin that it naturally forms on its own, the result is a disease known as type 2 diabetes. The biggest problem with this type diabetes is that it causes a build up of sugar in the blood. This can be a health risk for various reasons, and if the disease goes untreated, it can lead to very serious bodily harm. There are however, ways to reduce or even eradicate type 2 diabetes all together. One of these methods is using weight loss surgery, like that provided by Dr. Feiz at Dr. Feiz and Associates. He has a range of weight loss solutions to help with diabetes, as well as procedures like the sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band operation that can help improve any of the lackluster results of an initial Lap Band operation.

For those who are wondering, the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve decision is important because, while they both aim to limit one’s appetite, and increase the rapidity of feeling full, they have different methods for achieving this feeling. With the Lap Band, a band is placed around the stomach to give it an hour-glass shape, thusly slowing the digestion of food through the stomach. The gastric sleeve on the other hand, limits the capacity of the stomach by changing its shape into that of a sleeve. Both are minimally invasive surgeries, and both are not like a gastric bypass, where the stomach is bypassed completely. Along with these surgeries, Dr. Feiz can also perform a band to sleeve revision for those who originally had a Lap Band operation, but were unhappy with their results.

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