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A Second Chance at Better Health with Bariatric Surgery

Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we’re big advocates of weight loss surgery because it’s medically proven to be the only consistently effective method of weight loss for someone suffering with severe obesity. This weight loss is important because it’s the only way for a severely obese individual to avoid succumbing to associated life threatening health risks including heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Though weight loss surgery is the best means for a severely obese individual to reach a healthy weight, some patients who have previously undergone bariatric surgery may need further attention in the event discomfort or related issues. These issues can be discouraging, but at Dr. Feiz has the expertise to get patients back on track toward positive results with high quality procedures like band to sleeve revision.

There are two main, commonly performed bariatric procedures, and they have various advantages. Many patients must decide between the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve. A Lap Bang involves restricting the stomach with a surgically inserted adjustable band which reduces the usable portion of the stomach, and allow a patient to feel full by only eating a fraction of the food. This procedure can be reversed at any time. By contrast the gastric sleeve, which is designed to have the same end result, is a permanent removal and reshaping of a portion of the stomach. For patients who have had a Lap Band procedure, but may have experienced disappointing results, or experienced issues performing a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band is a common procedure that can correct issues, and one regularly performed by Dr. Feiz. We’ll help you along on your journey toward a better you.