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Achalasia Surgery Los Angeles

If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty swallowing food or liquids, and/or regurgitation of swallowed foods, there is a good chance you may be suffering from achalasia, a rare condition that affects roughly 1 in 100,000 people a year. While there is no complete cure for achalasia, there is a definitive surgery that leads to significant relief in over 90% of achalasia sufferers. Dr. Feiz is a premier provider of achalasia surgery in Los Angeles due to the positive life change he consistently achieves for his patients who suffer from achalasia.

Achalasia surgery in Los Angeles involves the myotomy procedure, in which the outer muscle layer that lines the lower esophageal sphincter is cut lengthwise in order to loosen it and facilitate the entry of food into the stomach. Just like with the other surgeries Dr. Feiz performs, such as the Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy, achalasia surgery in Los Angeles is performed laparoscopically in order to minimize recovery time, scarring, pain and the risk of infection. After undergoing achalasia surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz, patients are able to enjoy food and drinks with a dramatically lower incidence of their Achalasia symptoms.

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