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Achalasia Surgery Pasadena

Though there is no known cure for achalasia, there is a definite treatment regarded as the most effective means of decreasing the severity of symptoms. Performed by Dr. Feiz, achalasia surgery in Pasadena is able to provide positive results in the vast majority of patients, allowing for more comfortable, natural, and enjoyable ingestion of food.

One of the main problems sufferers of achalasia face is the inability to fully digest food due to the lower esophageal sphincter’s (LES) failureinability to relax after food is swallowed. Since the lower esophageal sphincter doesn’t open up to let food into the stomach, swallowed food builds up in the esophagus and is likely to be regurgitated. Other symptoms of achalasia include an overall difficulty in swallowing food, as well as moderate to sever chest pain, and weight loss. Achalasia surgery in Pasadena works by loosening up the LES via a lengthwise incision on its outer layer of muscle. Since this layer of muscle is responsible for the problematic tight grip of the sphincter, delicately cutting it allows food is able to pass into the stomach more easily once it is cut. Patients who undergo achalasia surgery in Pasadena are recommended to follow a post-op diet with limited intake of caffeine, soda, alcohol and chocolate, all of which can cause acid reflux through the loosened sphincter. For more information, call the offices of Dr. Feiz today.

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