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After Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, Hunger is Minimal and Cravings all but Gone

One of the myriad of reasons patients choose Dr. Michael Feiz for their sleeve gastrectomy procedure is because of the fact that hunger is minimized. The reason for this is because the “hunger hormone,” called ghrelin, is mostly eliminated due to the removal of the segment of the stomach called the fundus, which produced it. This decrease in ghrelin levels means patients enjoy losing weight as they eat smaller quantities less often.

Another reason patients opt for bariatric surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy or the lap band procedure is because Dr. Feiz & Associates can help patients on the path to better health along with weight reduction. In fact, many patients totally resolve their obesity-related health conditions when they lose weight. This includes comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis that are all spurred on by excess body weight. A number of patients even experience total remission of their comorbid conditions due to the fact that they have lost significant body weight. With the help of Dr. Feiz & Associates, patients not only lose the weight, but learn behavior modifications to keep the weight off.

Although hunger is minimized after gastric sleeve and other bariatric procedures, that doesn’t mean patients are in the clear to go back to old habits. That’s why Dr. Feiz & Associates makes sure to thoroughly counsel patients on better eating and exercise habits, so their lives are no longer controlled by food. With these valuable bariatric procedures and the guidance of Dr. Feiz’ team of highly trained medical experts, it’s no wonder patients lose their excess weight for good.

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