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Amy Lap Band Surgery Testimonial

Amy BeforeAmy After

I have struggled with my weight since my late teen. I have tried many of the popular weight loss products in the market and experienced temporary successes, but the weight always came back on with a few extra pounds.
My first impression of Dr. Feiz was of a kind and genuinely concerned physician who was looking out for the best interest of his patients and one that was willing to go to battle with the insurance company for them. The process went just as smoothly as promised. Two months later I received my approval letter from Blue Cross. On June 12,2007 I was scheduled for surgery. I had to do my part as well with diet and exercise before surgery.

It has been exactly one year since my Lap-Band surgery and I have lost 60 LBS so far. Having this surgery gave me the control I needed to start losing weight and keep it off. I now have more energy to play with my children, and my loving husband. I feel energized throughout the day at work, and in the evening when spending time with my family. I also love being able to shop for cloths at regular stores and fitting into anything I want to try on.

I recommend Dr. Feiz to anyone thinking about having weight loss surgery. He is a great communicator and truly cares about his patients. We have been in constant contact since my operations last March. I see him periodically for band adjustments and follow up phone calls once a month. I feel comfortable being in his care and know that he is always just a phone call away.


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