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As Safe as Gallbladder Surgery

Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has helped numerous patients return to normal, healthy, active lifestyles after battling severe obesity, and all those problems associated with the condition, such as diabetes, sleep apnea and depression. However, it’s only natural that some patients are concerned with the issue of safety. The fact of the matter is that weight loss surgery is extremely safe, and it’s most frequently compared to gallbladder removal, one of the most common and safe of all surgeries. In fact, Dr. Feiz also performs gallbladder procedures, so he understands the similar levels of safety extremely well!

As a weight loss specialist, however, bariatric surgery is without parallel. Dr. Feiz can help with every stage of a patient’s weight loss journey, from deciding between Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, all the way through their final recovery periods. He and his superb medical team can also help with Lap Band revision surgery and all of the issues associated with that procedure. Dr. Feiz can often times help people to overcome acute pain, nausea and lackluster weight loss results by executing a lap band to sleeve conversion surgery, which can help patients deal with their acute negative symptoms, while also, hopefully, allowing them to maintain their weight loss achievements. Regardless of the operation however, weight-loss-related, patients looking for an experienced, trustworthy surgeon don’t need to look any further than Dr. Feiz and Associates.

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