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Band to Sleeve Conversion is a Difficult, Important Discussion

Band to Sleeve Conversion is a Difficult, Important Discussion

After weighing all of their choices, most often lap band vs. gastric sleeve, bariatric surgery patients who ultimately choose the lap band are incredibly hopeful for their future. However, some patients might not react well to the lap band, either due to negative physical reactions, difficulty following the proper diet, or subpar work of the bariatric surgeon. This is when they come to Michael Feiz, MD, FACS to discuss resolving the issues with the band, which will sometimes also lead to a discussion about a sleeve gastrectomy procedure after Dr. Feiz removes the band.

A sleeve gastrectomy after lap band can certainly seem intimidating to a patient who thought the initial procedure would help resolve their obesity and related problems like sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and more. Regardless, if a patient would like to try again to reclaim their health in addition to removing the band, then he or she should consider the possibility of a gastric sleeve. This time, though, the patients will have the steady hand and assistance of Dr. Feiz and his invaluable staff, empowering them to make the proper choices to finally achieve dramatic weight loss.

At every step of the process, Dr. Feiz and his staff make it their duty to have compassion for their patients. The choice to try bariatric surgery again with a band to sleeve revision is fueled with emotions and, by being empathetic and calm, Dr. Feiz and Associates can make sure that the patient and doctor embark on a path to long-lasting weight loss that is comfortable for both parties.

If you have had poor results or adverse effects from a lap band procedure, then consider coming to Dr. Feiz and Associates to discuss completely removing it or converting it to a sleeve gastrectomy. His office offers many free seminars and consultations throughout Los Angeles.