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Band to Sleeve Conversion

The band to sleeve conversion operation is consistently growing in popularity. Among the numerous benefits of going to a highly reputable bariatric surgeon is their combination of compassion and professionalism. This takes the form of a multifaceted approach to weight loss. Dr. Feiz & Associates allow patients to voice their concerns completely, listening carefully to their medical histories and their weight loss goals. Much in the way the doctor should be receptive to patient concerns, it is important to carefully explain complex concepts to the patient, and make sure they understand what to expect. In the case of the debate of Lap Band vs Sleeve, patients should know why a Lap Band to Sleeve conversion might be their best option. Despite the temptation to simply have the lap band in Los Angeles removed completely, Dr. Feiz & Associates will likely suggest a conversion procedure.

Lap Band revision can be as simple as a tightness adjustment or it may be necessary to shift the location of the Lap Band. If Lap Band erosion has become serious, a patient should have the Lap Band taken out, in order to ease the symptoms, which can include weight gain. However, it is often better to perform Band to Sleeve conversion, in which the lap band is removed, and the stomach is altered to encourage further weight loss after the band is gone.

It’s never going to be welcome news when a patient is suffering from negative effects after an operation, and now must face the prospect of another. Dr. Feiz & Associates are trusted providers of procedures such as these. This is why they’re one of the few centers that can perform STARR treatment, the even less invasive, single incision bariatric surgery method that produces less scarring than any other. Contact Dr. Feiz & Associates about your weight loss options today to find out where your weight loss journey will lead you next.

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