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Band to Sleeve Revision Can Help Continued Weight Loss

For many obese people, weight loss surgery is not about looking perfect – it is about survival. These patients have tried diet and exercise for years, but have been unable to keep the pounds off. Sometimes, patients lose weight and then rapidly gain the weight back, plus several extra pounds. Obese patients often suffer health problems caused by being seriously overweight, and need to lose a great deal of weight, sometimes more than 100 pounds, in order to prevent complications like stroke, heart attack, diabetes, breathing problems, and even some types of cancer. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has years of experience and numerous success stories to prove his training and professionalism. He and his team at Dr. Feiz and associates can help you get healthy again through weight loss surgery such as Lap Band, gastric sleeve, or even band to sleeve revision surgeries.

One of the most popular types of weight loss surgery today is the Lap Band procedure, in which an inflatable device is wrapped around the stomach to shrink the area used for digestion. While this procedure works very well for most patients, some choose, for many reasons, to undergo sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band. Sometimes, these patients don’t get the benefits they want from their Lap Band – for example, they find that they still crave unhealthy foods or suffer painful hunger pangs, because their stomach still may produce too much ghrelin, the “hungry hormone.” Dr. Feiz recommends gastric sleeve revision surgery to remove part of the ghrelin-producing area of the stomach. In some other, rare occasions, Lap Band patients become uncomfortable, or suffer pain, or even gain some weight back because the device moves, necessitating its removal. Dr. Feiz specializes in this type of surgery, so if you need band to sleeve revision, you are in capable hands.

If you want information on Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve, or are considering band to sleeve revision, Dr. Feiz and Associates are here for you. Join us for a free seminar, or contact us to set up your first appointment.