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Band to Sleeve Revision with Dr. Feiz

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is one of the leading weight loss surgery specialists on the West Coast. He has years of training and experience, learning new technologies to help his patients reach a healthy goal weight through bariatric surgery. Dr. Feiz has also become one of the few bariatric professionals to specialize in band to sleeve revision, to help patients who do not experience successful weight loss with their initial Lap Band device. If you are one of the many American adults with a body mass index of 40 or greater, or 35 or greater with related health issues, you may qualify for a weight loss procedure at Dr. Feiz & Associates.

Dr. Feiz often recommends sleeve gastrectomy to Los Angeles patients, who seek his help. This procedure creates a smaller “sleeve” stomach by removing about 75 percent of the organ. Unlike the Lap Band, this procedure is permanent, and does not involve devices that can shift or degrade over time. And, unlike gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve procedure keeps the digestive system intact, so patients spend less time recovering, and more time focusing on their new, healthier lives. A sleeve gastrectomy also removes the part of the stomach that produces most of the body’s ghrelin, aka the “hungry hormone.” In an average person, this hormone is produced when the stomach is empty, and stops working on the brain about 20 minutes after the stomach is full. For many people, however, ghrelin causes intense hunger pangs and cravings, even after eating enough food. Without ghrelin, you can successfully lose weight, and feel emotionally satisfied after smaller meals.

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, you can also see if you qualify for sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band. Contact Dr. Feiz’s office today to set up your first appointment.