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Bariatric Surgeon

If you are looking or a bariatric surgeon, it is vital to do a little due diligence and find a professional with ample experience in this field. Don’t decide your bariatric surgeon based on billboards or flashy advertisements. Rather, take the time to conduct some legwork and learn who has the lasting reputation for successful bariatric surgery. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS has made a name for himself as a leading bariatric surgeon who offers a wide range of surgical weight loss solutions.

Many prospective patients also want to know more about bariatric surgery cost, but this varies depending on the nature of the procedure, and your healthcare plan. You can learn more about this, as well as other aspects of weight loss surgery, by attending a FREE informational seminar provided by the team at Dr. Feiz & Associates, or by coming in for a private and FREE consultation.

Dr. Michael Feiz performs several different types of bariatric procedures. Gastric bypass involves partitioning the stomach two pouches and rearranging the intestines to drain both. Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, consists of removing 75%-85% of the stomach and re-shaping the remaining portion into a sleeve-like structure. The Lap Band involves fitting the stomach with an adjustable and removable plastic band that serves to constrict the stomach.

Learn more about all of these procedures by exploring the Dr. Feiz and Associates website. Check out their galleries of bariatric surgery pictures to get a better sense of the weight loss results past patients have experienced. Start yourself on a path to the body and healthy lifestyle you have been yearning for by contacting this reputable weight loss surgery center today. Call today to make an appointment at 310-817-6911 or 800-868-5946.

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