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Bariatric Surgery Before and After

Patients report incredible results after their weight loss procedure from Dr. Feiz and Associates. That’s why they’re proud to show off their bariatric surgery before and after pictures. Here at the Dr. Feiz website, we have plenty of photo galleries for you to peruse while you’re still in the decision making phase. We hope they help you make your decision to choose Dr. Feiz, world renowned bariatric surgeon. This site contains only a small sample of Dr. Feiz’s inspiring bariatric surgery before and after pictures.

Becoming a board certified surgeon takes hard work and dedication. However, building a large base of satisfied patients takes extra attention to patient needs, unparalleled compassion, and the care and attention to detail that result in minimal scarring.

It’s part of Dr. Feiz’s mission as a surgeon to make sure all patients have the information they need to make this decision. Morbidly obese patients are often ready for surgery only after they’ve spent years or decades fighting their weight problem. There will remain, however, questions about what to expect, what the medical details are of the procedure, and of course, what the outcome will be. Looking not only at patients’ gastric bypass before and after photos, as well as the lap band before and after seen on famous billboards all over the world it’s very important to take advantage of a FREE consultation with Dr. Feiz to learn more about your surgery.

However, viewing gastric sleeve before and after pictures is a useful first step. Take time to familiarize yourself with the bariatric surgery before and after pictures of what other patients have achieved, and soon you’ll be ready to learn about the medical details involved. The next step will be preparing for surgery!

If you’re ready to take the next step you can reach Dr. Feiz by phone at 310-817-6911 (toll free) or 800-868-5946 or contact us online.

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