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Bariatric Surgery Insurance

As you begin to seriously consider bariatric surgery, insurance will become a concern. Not all patients have easy access to someone at their insurance companies who can tell them what procedures are included in their plans.

Nonetheless you may have begun the phase at which bariatric surgery cost becomes a real consideration. If you have health coverage through your benefits package at work, you might ask a coworker what they know about bariatric surgery insurance. The good news is that bariatric surgery insurance is more common than you might think.

Medicare, for instance, has announced that certain types of obesity surgery should be provided to obese patients 65 and older. Knowing that they have bariatric surgery insurance keeping them financially secure has helped patients make this important decision with greater confidence as consumers.

About Dr. Feiz

Today’s weight loss world is flooded with techniques that do not work, or exploit the vulnerability of seriously overweight patients who need a change. Dr. Feiz is committed to bringing the latest weight loss techniques to Southern California and delivering the greatest possible effect with the minimum of negative impact to the lives of patients.

With micro-laparoscopic technology, Dr. Feiz has delivered on the promise of futuristic, nearly scar-free techniques in these surgeries. The tools to perform such scarless surgery have been a financial investment for Dr. Feiz. However, with unparalleled patient satisfaction (available to read about all over the Internet), Dr. Feiz’s hi-tech instruments have most certainly been a net gain for this bariatric surgeon, and his fitter, happier patients.

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