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Beat the Disease of Obesity Once and for All with Dr. Feiz

Obesity is classified as a disease, and Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. understands that beating it over the long run will take dedication and more than just willpower. Dr. Feiz, a top weight loss surgeon in Valencia, understands that many individuals face a battle between life and death when it comes to beating their obesity.

Those who are not obese people may not fully sympathize what an obese person faces, or appreciate the fact that it can be much harder to lose more than 100 pounds than it is to kick a habit like smoking. Consider the fact that while smokers can give up cigarette, overeaters cannot simply stop eating. Luckily, these individuals now have more options than ever to combat their weight problem, and they can make the choice between lap band vs. sleeve offered by Dr. Feiz. Both weight loss procedures reduce hunger pangs, making long-term weight loss much easier to achieve than before. However, even those who haven’t had success with their lap band procedure may still consider lap band revision surgery with Dr. Feiz.

Indeed, the prognosis for band to sleeve surgery patients is outstanding. That is because the gastric sleeve surgery radically reduces the stomach’s capacity, which not only reduces appetite, it also removes the portion of the stomach primarily responsible for sending hunger cues to the brain. This “hunger hormone,” ghrelin, is largely responsible making obese people feel hungry around the clock, and makes it very hard to go on an effective diet and keep the weight off. Dr. Feiz is here to make sure that people seeking weight loss in Valencia have option to fight their obesity once and for all. If you would like to start really fighting against the disease of obesity, sign up for a free weight loss seminar in Valencia with Dr. Feiz.

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