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Beating the Odds with a First-Rate Bariatric Procedure

Individuals living with severe obesity are also living with the risk of succumbing to life threatening conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. These issues dramatically decrease the lifespan of severely obese individuals compared to their healthy peers, and also normally negatively affects that life with afflictions, disability, and costly medical interventions. Fortunately, being able to shed pounds, and approach a normal weight has been proven to ward off, or even reverse many of these health conditions. The challenge is that most traditional methods of weight loss ,including diet and exercise, almost always fail to yield the necessary results. Despite the obstacles, here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, Dr. Michael Feiz and our entire team are evening the odds with our wide range of effective and safe bariatric procedures including our bariatric sleeve or a band to sleeve revision.

Many of the patients seeking our services have little to no knowledge concerning bariatric surgery, and may not know the difference between procedures like the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve for example. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing knowledge and insight to our patients to help them understand their options and if they’re a good candidate for weight loss surgery. As a leading center for bariatric procedures, patients seeking our services are able to take comfort in the fact that Dr. Feiz provides an unrivaled level of skill and experience with any procedure ranging from a gastric sleeve to a sleeve gastrectomy after lap band

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