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Benefits Outweigh Costs for Patients of Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery may seem like an extreme option for some, but for those suffering from extreme obesity there are significant health concerns that also come coupled with being overweight. These concerns range from diabetes, to heart disease, and stroke, and can have deadly ramifications on a person’s quality of life. Meanwhile advances in techniques and technologies used in weight loss surgery have made it a very common and practical option for prospective patients seeking relief. The highly trained physicians at Dr. Feiz and Associates are among the top tier of bariatric treatment providers, and are dedicated to relying on safe and proven practices to improve quality of life.

At Dr. Feiz and Associates, patients will consult with an expert team of specialists to help determine the proper course of action which is unique to each patient’s needs. We help break down the ins and outs of each option including detailing the differences between a lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy. Once in surgery, patients will enjoy the confidence of knowing they’re receiving the services of one of the top bariatric surgeons in the nation. Whether preforming a band to sleeve procedure or lap band revision surgery, we apply the superior expertise and dedication toward every aspect of our dedication to you.

Because your health is of the utmost importance, our financial office remains flexible with your budget, and utilizes personalized payment plans to help you fund the surgery you need. There’s no reason to be content with poor health and risk of serious debilitation. With Dr. Feiz and Associates, you’ll always have a way out.

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