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Beverly Hills Patients Flock to Dr. Feiz for Permanent Weight Loss Solutions

Whether they’re debating the pros and cons of lap band vs. gastric sleeve, patients who undergo weight loss surgery with Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., see a dramatic improvement in their weight as well as their health. In fact, the two are more closely related than many might think: weight and good health. The more overweight a person becomes, the more likely he is to face type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis, among many other conditions that can lead to a premature death. Far from being a simple cosmetic concern, morbid obesity must be handled by a team of healthcare professionals such as Dr. Feiz and Associates, who provide sleeve gastrectomy in Beverly Hills for patients who find themselves suffering from the effects of morbid obesity.

One of the unfortunate effects of being severe overweight is the fact that patients face the stigma of carrying the excess pounds, as well. This can take a psychological toll on the patient, who may begin to feel hopeless on top of feeling unmotivated to change. The inability to break the habit, one might say addiction to food, can in fact be reversed. Dr. Michael Feiz has seen many patients well over 100 pounds overweight who have successfully lost weight with either lap band surgery or sleeve gastrectomy in Beverly Hills. Dr. Feiz has counseled numerous patients in this process, which takes more than just the surgery. It takes a team of diet, exercise and medical experts to help a patient ingrain new habit and say goodbye to overeating and not being physically active.

Beverly Hills is an area focused on luxury and beauty, and Dr. Feiz knows that being at a normal weight is far more profound than simply being beautiful. By practice sleeve gastrectomy in Beverly Hills, Dr. Feiz helps patients get on the right track and lose the weight for good.

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