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Breaking Through the Trap of Severe Obesity

Breaking Through the Trap of Severe Obesity

For the severely obese, being overweight is more than just a cosmetic concern, but a major health risk that carries significant risks including a highly increased chance of heart attack and stroke. Losing the necessary pounds required to achieve a healthy weight can literally be lifesaving, but can feel downright impossible. Unfortunately, diet and exercise often yield disappointing results that only further a sense of hopelessness. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we dedicate ourselves to providing those who suffer from extreme obesity a way out.

The weight loss surgery procedures performed by Dr. Feiz provide the very real and long lasting results that severely obese patients need to improve their quality of life. Though surgery may seem like a drastic option, because the rate of success for other methods of significant weight loss for the severely obese are so shockingly low, surgery is often the best choice. As a leading bariatric surgeon, Dr. Feiz is able to help his patients get on the right path toward a healthy weight. Even patients who have previously undergone weight loss operations with limited success are able to find the results they’re looking for with our band to sleeve procedure.

Through comprehensive care, we work hard to ensure every one of our patients is able to choose the option that’s best for them, and make the right decision for their own unique body by weighing out the advantages of different treatments like a lap band vs. sleeve procedure. Patients who seek our care do so with the confidence that they are receiving treatment from one of the top bariatric surgeons in the LA area. Whether performing a gastric bypass, or lap band revision surgery. Dr. Feiz has the experience and expertise to help patients break through the trap of severe obesity.