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Callie Ellis – Sleeve Surgery

“Weight has always been an issue for me and, worst of all, having a twin sister who never struggled with her weight. I have tried everything possible to lose weight, traveled out of the country, used fad diets, and regular exercise, but I cannot keep the weight off and the rebounds are even worse. For years, I would be the one behind the camera in family pictures or in the back until a coworker stated she was having bariatric surgery, I decided to take the momentous step towards a healthier life and have weight loss surgery. After extensive research, I found Dr. Feiz and decided was the best choice for my bariatric surgery. I wouldn't have done it any other way!"

Callie pre-surgery was at 290 pounds and wearing a size 28. Now about 1 year post-surgery, she has lost over 70 pounds and has shed to a size 12. She is actively working out: walking 4 miles every morning and lifting. She never imagined she would be able to accomplish this! She is hoping to take part in the color run/walk with a friend this year. Callie shared with us how she now enjoys shopping and has to sometimes remind herself not to go the plus size anymore.

Sleeve Surgery

May 22, 2013