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Celebrities Put a Famous Face on Weight Loss Surgery

Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we nominate a patient every month to become a “patient ambassador”. In addition to testimonials and videos that we put on the site, we believe that this person helps humanize the process of having a bariatric procedure as well as educate about what weight loss surgery is and even the differences of lap band vs. gastric sleeve. However, many celebrities who have undergone a bariatric operation are now speaking out on their weight loss, which also helps educate the public about these procedures.

Lisa Lampanelli, Al Roker, and Star Jones are just a few celebrities who have had weight loss surgery and have spoken out. Perhaps the most famous person to undergo bariatric surgery as of late is Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie, who had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy after lap band consideration, has had an incredible amount of weight loss success following a stroke. She’s also been quite the advocate for the procedure by speaking out about how effective it can be as a weight loss tool, which makes the advocacy of Dr. Feiz and Associates much easier.

In an interview with People magazine, Rosie mentioned that she feels less hungry, as the procedure removes “two thirds of your stomach – which holds the hunger hormones”. She also states that she gets fuller faster and that the surgery should be considered a tool to assist weight loss by adding, “It’s not like a magic pill, but it’s working”. Dr. Feiz believes that the gastric sleeve is incredibly effective as a primary weight loss surgery or as a band to sleeve revision, especially with the invaluable aftercare that his office provides. To learn more, come in for a free consultation with Dr. Feiz and Associates in one of their offices around Los Angeles.

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