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Change What’s Been Bothering You

One of the most uncomfortable and difficult aspects of being very severely overweight is having a highly protuberant belly. This is particularly the case as medical science has proven that belly fat is the most dangerous to a person’s overall health. On a more day to day basis, however, it can cause people to feel ashamed when they go out, or in their personal lives, and serves as a source of discomfort when wearing fashionable pants, or even an ordinary T-shirt. Dr. Feiz and his team at Dr. Feiz and Associates are aware of irritations like this, and are aware that they can be a big motivator for obese people to seek the treatment they need. Luckily, in order to reduce overeating and therefore defeat obesity, Dr. Feiz can perform a weight loss surgery, that will help patients to regain control over their appetites, as well as their waistlines.

When it comes to losing a lot of belly fat, there are numerous weight loss procedures that can help. If a patient isn’t sure about the Lap Band vs. sleeve operation decision, Dr. Feiz can help to make sure they understand all of the possible results, and how each operation would affect one’s lifestyle and digestive system.

For those have already had a Lap Band operation, but were unsuccessful in seriously reducing their belly fat or otherwise disappointed, Dr. Feiz also has a band to sleeve operation that can help patients to approach their problem from a different angle, with a different type of method for decreasing appetite. Whereas the Lap Band turns the stomach into an hour-glass shape, the sleeve operation actually removes a part of the stomach, and leaves only a portion that looks like a sleeve. And for those who like the Lap Band, but want some type of modification to their current set up, Dr. Feiz offers Lap Band revision surgery that can help people achieve the results they’re after.