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Change Your Lifestyle with Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Change Your Lifestyle with Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Lap band vs. sleeve: many or Dr. Feiz’ prospective patients have this question on their minds, especially when it’s their second time considering weight loss surgery. Although many put significant thought into which surgery would be right for them for their first “go,” some they may rethink that once they fail to lose enough weight. Lap band revision surgery where the band is converting to a gastric sleeve can help these patients turn their lives around, though. The procedure involves removing the adjustable gastric band, and then performing sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Many of Dr. Feiz’ patient opt for gastric sleeve, because of its many benefits.

Band to sleeve surgery helps patients get control of their rampant hunger pangs/or cravings. The procedure works not only because I reduces the stomach’s capacity, but also by virtually eliminating the production of “the hunger hormone,” ghrelin. This hormone is what sends signals to the brain that the person is hungry, and the portion of the stomach that produces the hormone is removed during sleeve gastrectomy. Because patients produce less ghrelin they are finally in control of their portion sizes, and don’t feel hungry between meals.

With the help of a world-class surgeon such as Dr. Feiz, you too can permanently change your lifestyle habits. If you’re interested in taking another crack at weight loss and finally getting healthy, please contact Dr. Feiz and Associates – the best weight loss surgeon in Bakersfield, Huntington Beach and beyond. We look forward to helping you through your weight loss journey!