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Choose Dr. Feiz for Band to Sleeve Revision

When you make the choice to get healthy, and have a body mass index of 40 or greater or 35 with comorbidities, you may qualify for weight loss surgery like sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is arguably L.A.’s leading bariatric surgeon. He founded Dr. Feiz & Associates so he could not only help patients with weight loss surgery, but so that he could gather a compassionate and highly skilled team to help him offer the best overall care to each patient individually. Dr. Feiz & Associates offers a comprehensive team approach, which not only includes surgery, but also nutritionists, psychologists, and other medical professionals.

Dr. Feiz wants every person who has undergone a bariatric procedure to have great success with weight loss, and reach their healthy goal weight. He understands that different procedures work better for different patients, and will work with each patient closely to make sure they know details about their options, so they can make the best decision. Many patients lose weight successfully, but sometimes, a patient may not lose weight like they need to. This can be because the surgeon installs the band incorrectly, like leaving it too loose or making it too tight. Dr. Feiz can correct these problems with sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band, so the patient can lose a healthy amount of weight, and keep it off successfully.

If you need a band to sleeve revision, Dr. Feiz is the best choice in Southern California. A happier and healthier life can really be yours, so contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today.


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