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Choose the Most Qualified Bariatric Surgeon in Los Angeles

Severely obese people trying to lose weight face challenges that someone who only has a nagging 10 extra pounds to lose don’t face. The fact is, the human body was designed for times of famine, not plenty. For instance, if a famine were strike, the more voracious eater is likely to survive longer than someone who eats less. Unfortunately, we live in a time where fast food restaurants are rarely more than a few miles away in any given location, and it may be difficult to say “no” if your body interprets as the first sign of hunger as an oncoming food shortage. This problem is well understood by renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz, who knows that someone trying to lose weight in our current era of cheap junk food has a terrible predicament.

As a widely respect, board-certified weight loss surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Feiz has made it his goal to improve on Mother Nature’s grip on our appetite. Widely known as the best choice for a Los Angeles weight loss doctor for either lap band vs. gastric sleeve, Dr. Feiz specializes in performing procedures that greatly reduce the flood of the “hunger hormone.” Medically known as ghrelin, this hormone is virtually eliminated through sleeve gastrectomy, as well as band to sleeve revision.

It takes someone with a great deal of ability and knowledge to improve on nature, as many have come to esteem Dr. Feiz as the best weight loss surgeon practicing in Southern California. Dr. Feiz performs the often highly complex surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy after lap band very routinely. If you are ready to start on a new happier and healthier life, your first move should be to contact Dr. Feiz and Associates about a free seminar.

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