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Compassionate Sleeve Gastrectomy in Los Angeles

If you are one of the thousands of American adults who is severely obese and you are beginning to suffer comorbid diseases like diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, and even depression, the best thing you can do for yourself is to lose weight and keep it off. For people who are slightly overweight, diet and exercise is typically enough. However, people who are severely obese typically need additional help to safely reach their healthy goal weight. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., founded Dr. Feiz & Associates specifically to help patients like you lose weight, and keep it off for good. He is a leading West Coast expert in band to sleeve revision and other bariatric surgeries, and he has gathered a skilled, compassionate team to support his patients.

Dr. Feiz had a great deal of training and experience performing procedures like sleeve gastrectomy Los Angeles residents need. He often recommends this procedure, because it is very safe and highly effective. Dr. Feiz is qualified to perform a sleeve gastrectomy using only a single incision, so there is very little impact on the patient’s body, which helps the healing process. A sleeve gastrectomy often involves removing about 75 percent of the stomach, which permanently reduces the organ’s size, so small meals feel more satisfying. Sleeve gastrectomy also removes the part of the stomach that produces ghrelin, which can cause hunger pangs and food cravings that undermine weight loss.

The great team at Dr. Feiz & Associates is here to help you with bariatric procedures like sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band, so contact us today. 

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