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Control Your Hunger and Change Your Life with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What makes patients turn to Dr. Feiz for Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is the fact that their hunger is drastically reduced after the procedure. The reason why patients feel less hunger is because a hormone called ghrelin is virtually eliminated along with 85% of the stomach that is removed during the procedure. Gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr. Feiz proves highly effective, as evidenced by the before and after patient photo gallery on the website. Not only do patients look great, they also feel much better after obesity-related illnesses dissipate along with the shed pounds.

Recent research from The Cleveland Clinic has shed light on the fact that another procedure, the lap band, also helps morbidly obese individuals shed their comorbid conditions as they get closer to a healthy weight. This procedure is commonly performed at the practice of Dr. Feiz & Associates, along with other bariatric procedures. As many as two-third of the individuals who undergo gastric banding procedures such as the lap band have their diabetes go into remission, while more than one-half of those who had hypertension go into remission. The likelihood of a patient going into remission from their comorbid conditions, of course, depends on how much of their excess weight is lost.

If you have been experiencing relentless cravings and hunger pangs, you owe it to yourself to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with Dr. Feiz & Associates. Let us be your guide on the weight loss in Calabasas, Los Angeles or other Southern California locations, so you can regain your health and happiness. Call us today at 310-855-8058 and learn how gastric sleeve or lap band surgery could be the start of a new life for you!

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