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Convert Band to Sleeve: An Effective Revision Bariatric Procedure

Convert Band to Sleeve: An Effective Revision Bariatric Procedure

If you are looking into the option of “convert band to sleeve” surgery, it’s important to find a preeminent expert in bariatric surgery so you can get the best results possible. For instance, Los Angeles bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz has converted many lap band patients into sleeve gastrectomy patients in a safe, effective way that is highly successful. What may be most helpful, though, isn’t even the conversion surgery, but Dr. Feiz’ help along the way in getting down to a healthy weight and learning from past mistakes. After all, many patients choose revision weight loss surgery after a failed lap band surgery produced insufficient weight loss or even weight gain.

The question often arises of whether lap band vs. gastric sleeve is the appropriate procedure for any given individual. With the help of an expert like Dr. Feiz, you can be sure that your gastric sleeve procedure goes off without a hitch, and you can effectively lose weight until you reach your goal. Weight maintenance is another key part of the weight loss journey, and with Dr. Feiz, you can expect a compassionate professional who isn’t just a surgeon, but a kind counselor who is eager to see you get down to your goal weight.

Even if you’ve always been overweight and can’t foresee a future where you like the number you see when you step on the scale, Dr. Feiz can help you. Many patients have expressed their gratitude, as you can read for yourself on his website’s testimonials page.