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Converting from Lap Band to Sleeve Sometimes Recommended

Many people, if qualified, choose the adjustable gastric band (more commonly known as the lap band) as their preferred weight loss surgery. The lap band has numerous perks, for sure, including the fact that it doesn’t permanently affect the shape of your stomach, it’s reversible, and it can be adjusted to fit changes in a person’s lifestyle. That being said, not everybody turns out to be completely compatible with the lap band. Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS can consult with these people who aren’t happy with their lap band results. During this free consultation, Dr. Feiz will go over a patient’s options and will honestly and compassionately help the patient make an informed decision about his or her health.

Some will opt for a simple lap band removal, choosing to continue their weight loss journey on their own. However, others will seek what’s called a lap band to sleeve conversion. In this process, the lap band is fully removed and Dr. Feiz will perform a sleeve gastrectomy. The sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve for short, reduces the size of the stomach to about a fourth of its original size. Recipients of the gastric sleeve get full faster and longer and can’t physically eat as much, leading to weight loss.

The conversion is optimal for people who simply weren’t losing weight with the lap band and would prefer to try another route to weight loss. There are also unpleasant side effects of the lap band that some patients may experience. These side effects include nausea, an inability to eat certain foods, and lap band slippage that leads to discomfort.

If you’re thinking that the lap band may not have been the best fit for you, don’t hesitate to discuss your thoughts with Dr. Feiz and his associates. They can be easily reached for a free consultation at 310-817-6911.

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