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Deciding to Get Bariatric Surgery

There’s no way around it, having surgery performed is a big deal. If you’re going to do so, you want to be sure you’re working with the very best. Michael Feiz M.D., F.A.C.S.is one of the most respected surgeons of any type working in Southern California. He has performed all the various types of weight loss surgery a great many times; his level of knowledge and experience in unsurpassed in Southern California, one of the world’s most competitive areas for weight loss procedures.

The doctor and the rest of the outstanding staff at Dr. Feiz and Associates are equally skilled at performing gastric bypasses, lap bands, and sleeve gastrectomies – often referred to as gastric sleeve procedures. However, the doctor has been ahead of the curve in pointing out a likely reason for the effectiveness of the sleeve procedure.

The procedure, which removes roughly 75 to 85 percent of the stomach, also removes the portion of the stomach that produces a hormone called ghrelin. The reason it appears to be a good idea to reduce ghrelin in severely obese people is simple enough. The substance is thought to be instrumental in telling our brains that we need to eat. Of course, for seriously obese people, those feelings of appetite often come even when more than enough food has been consumed, and ghrelin appears to be very much the enemy of healthy and sustained weight loss.

As effective as the sleeve procedure might be, the only to find out which, if any, of the available procedures is right for you is to come down to one of the Dr. Feiz and Associates offices to find out more about all aspects of the procedure. All questions – including those about gastric bypass, lap band, and gastric sleeve cost – are welcome during your initial free consultation.