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Deciding Whether It’s Time for Bariatric Surgery

As one of the top bariatric surgeons in the world, Dr. Michael Feiz knows that the decision about when it’s time to choose the surgical option for weight loss is rarely simple and never easy. Whether you choose gastric sleeve surgery, a lap band, or another operation such as a bypass, there are definite trade-offs with each kind of surgery – or even having one at all.

At the same time, being significantly obese is, in itself, a serious medical condition that requires treatment. That is to say nothing of the psychological impacts of being overweight in a world where overweight people endure all kinds of difficulty and discrimination. The good news is that such surgeries as a sleeve gastrectomy are less invasive and safer than ever. Dr. Feiz boasts a zero mortality rate and his record of success with patients is second to none.

Moreover, the doctor is noted for his ability to deal sensitively with the often touchy topics relating to weight loss. If you are significantly overweight and have tried low calorie diets and exercise programs without lasting success, your best next move may well be to contact Dr. Feiz’s office for a free initial consultation. He will be delighted to discuss with you not only whether it’s appropriate for you to have bariatric surgery, but which type may be most appropriate. For many patients, the gastric sleeve may be the best option, as it’s significantly less invasive than the gastric bypass while being extremely effective. Other patients, however, may find that other options are the best fit for their situation.

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