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Depend on Expertise for Your Weight Loss Procedures

In the Los Angeles area, there is no shortage of weight loss physicians who offer similar treatments and procedures, but few truly have both the expertise and experience of Dr. Michael Feiz. As a leading bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Feiz has mastered minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques to get his patients home quicker, and recovering sooner. For potential patients who are seeking Dr. Feiz’s excellent care, or are simply looking to inquire more information such as determining the difference between lap band vs. sleeve procedures, Dr. Feiz and Associates is the best stop to find the world class treatment that’s right for you.

Reputation is important in the medical field, and at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we proudly stand by ours. We dedicate a section of our website to success stories and patient testimony, including before and after pictures, to let our work speak for itself. Dr. Feiz’s successful procedures have also been featured on “The Doctors” TV show for nationwide audiences. Patients of Dr. Feiz are able to enter treatment with the knowledge that they are receiving world class care whether they’re seeking Lap Band surgery or a band to sleeve procedure.

Dr. Feiz also dedicates himself to resolving issues with past surgeries that may have been performed by other physicians. In the case of lap band procedures, Dr. Feiz is able to perform minimally invasive lap band revision surgery which is designed to correct potential issues with adjustments to the band, and can, in turn, get patients back on track toward weight loss. As with most things in life, higher quality is preferred. When it comes to weight loss surgery, the topnotch care of Dr. Feiz is no exception.

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