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Discuss Weight Loss in Carson with Dr. Feiz

Change is often scary, even if you’re embarking on an exciting journey. However, that shouldn’t be reason enough to prevent you from making important corrections in your life, such as undergoing sleeve gastrectomy after lap band. Having a gastric sleeve surgery as a secondary weight loss procedure with Dr. Michael Feiz is the best move you can make to permanently alter the excessive eating habits that cause severe obesity.

Dr. Feiz is among the world’s most highly respected bariatric surgeons, as well as a leader laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Feiz understands that the process of losing significant weight is extremely difficult. While there are many important differences vis a vis lap band vs gastric sleeve vs other procedures for your secondary weight loss procedure, all can help you lose weight once and for all. They work by making those hunger signals the stomach sends to the brain far weaker and reflective of your actual need for food, rather than desire. Patient will find it easier to eat healthy food, once their cravings are satiated. Countless patients of Dr. Feiz lose weight and permanently kept it off because of his skill, sensitivity and compassion when it comes to the needs of his patients.

Dr. Feiz and Associates is the place for a lap band, sleeve gastrectomy or band to sleeve revision. Beverly Hills, Valencia, Huntington Beach and Carson residents can turn to Dr. Feiz & Associates for highly competent, safe and effective weight loss surgery procedures. Simply call his offices today to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Feiz, or if you’re not ready, simply to attend one of his free weight loss seminars.

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