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Although it can be a daunting decision to undergo bariatric surgery, it is one that many people wish they had done sooner, to regain their health and feel better about what they see in the mirror. However, that does not mean that gastric sleeve surgery is just a means to making you fit better into a pair of jeans, it is the most important tool to get you down to a healthy, manageable weight that is both normal on the BMI scale and sustainable. Dr. Feiz is able to help patients choose between the LAP-BAND vs. gastric sleeve procedures, and no matter whether you choose sleeve gastrectomy or the lap band in Los Angeles, Dr. Feiz will help you every step of the way until you reach your goal weight.

The decision to have bariatric surgery is serious, and all weight loss procedure reduce appetite and make sticking to your reduced-calorie and low-fat diet much more simple than it would be otherwise. However, these procedures still require a great deal or effort for you to reach your goal weight effectively and keep it off. The surgery itself is only a tool in your toolbox, not the magic bullet to getting you slim and trim. But because you are in the hands of a skilled bariatric surgeon like Dr. Feiz, you can be sure that you have the highest odds of success and you will be safe in the process.

If you are interested in weight loss in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz, consider attending on of our free seminars throughout Southern California. We look forward to helping you gain further information and insight about whether bariatric surgery would be the right choice for you.

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