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Don’t Give Up on Good Health!

Don’t Give Up on Good Health!

The majority of patients turn to weight loss surgery because they know the dangers of obesity, and they want to lose the weight so they can live a healthy and fruitful lifestyle. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the health benefits of bariatric surgery far outweigh the risks. But still, there are some patients of the Lap Band procedure who will simply give up on weight loss surgery after their initial procedure doesn’t result in the weight loss that they expected. Many of these patients are not aware that they can go to a talented surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz to get a sleeve gastrectomy after lap band surgery.

When comparing lap band vs. gastric sleeve surgery, many patients are surprised to learn that the gastric sleeve surgery can help patients lose weight quicker on average. This means that it may be a better option for patients who are severely obese, so they can shed their dangerous comorbidities like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes sooner.

Dr. Feiz has performed band to sleeve revision surgery for years, and is one of the most respected surgeons for all of the best bariatric surgeries. His minimally invasive laparoscopic method helps reduce the risk of any complications while also reducing scarring by only needing several small incisions. These procedures are considered to be as safe as some of the most common procedures like gallbladder surgery, and are even safer when performed by an experienced and talented surgeon like Dr. Feiz.