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Don’t Give Up On Your Weight Loss Journey After Lap Band Surgery

Don’t Give Up On Your Weight Loss Journey After Lap Band Surgery

You probably had never heard of lap band revision surgery or ever suspect you’d be a recipient when you had your lap-band surgery, right? However, some patients may need the procedure in order to finally get healthy. While the patient may not have fully adapted to a new, healthy lifestyle, Dr. Michael Feiz, a weight loss surgeon in Rancho Cucamonga and from Los Angeles, can help them effect the changes necessary to lose weight. He does this not only by performing band to sleeve surgery, but by giving effective coaching to patients on how to lose weight permanently.

Those who question the benefits of lap band vs. sleeve may be pleased to know lap bands can be successfully converted to a gastric sleeve. As a matter of fact, weight loss patients in Rancho Cucamonga have successfully undergone revision surgery and lose significant weight, while also shedding their obesity-related illnesses. A predicament that affects numerous lap band patients is that they lose weight, but cannot keep it off, particularly if they didn’t keep up with their weight loss journey over the years. Patients who find themselves in this situation would do well to learn more about secondary bariatric surgeries, and learn more about the Dr. Feiz’ Rancho Cucamonga weight loss practice.

Contact Dr. Feiz and Associate today to learn more about lap band conversion surgery. Prospective patients may register for free weight loss seminars or book appointments for your initial weight loss consultation with Dr. Feiz. We look forward to helping you shed the pounds once and for all!