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Don’t Lose Hope about Losing Weight

Weight loss is no easy task. Even for the most dedicated person, if you start out obese, it may be near impossible to shed all the pounds necessary to leading a healthier life. Even if you can manage a strict diet and daily exercise among the stress of your everyday life, anybody can hit a plateau in their weight loss journey. There’s nothing worse than the discouraging feeling of not losing any weight. Dr. Michael Feiz believes that his patients should never have to give up on their weight loss dreams. With the help of life-changing surgery, you can say goodbye to your frustrating weight loss plateau and hello to a healthier new life.

With the help of Dr. Feiz, you can get started on your healthy weight loss journey in no time. There are plenty of surgical options that will curb your appetite, make you fuller faster, and help shed the pounds until you’re at your ideal weight. Among the surgical options are lap band, lap gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap band revision surgery lap band revision surgery. Even if you’ve already received lap band surgery and aren’t happy with the results or feel discomfort, there are band to sleeve surgical options.

If you have any questions about getting started on the road to a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Feiz and his associates are available to address your concerns. Whether you want basic information, to have a discussion about lap band vs. sleeve options, or want a consult about your choices, Dr. Feiz is here to help.