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Dr. Feiz a Master in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has made great strides since it gained notoriety in the 1990s. One way in which the procedure has improved is that it’s become much safer. One surgeon leading this charge is Michael Feiz, MD, FACS. Operating out of Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles area, Dr. Feiz offers incredibly safe bariatric surgeries. His procedures are safe due to his unparalleled surgical skill, a talented support team, and the sheer number of successful weight loss operations he’s performed to perfect his technique. Furthermore, Dr. Feiz makes use of the most technologically advanced techniques in the industry.

Dr. Feiz is a leader in the field of minimally invasive bariatric surgery. What this means is that Dr. Feiz makes expert use of laparoscopic technology. Laparoscopy describes an operation that is performed completely though small incisions and the assistance of a tiny camera. Dr. Feiz can perform a bariatric surgery (no matter a patient’s choice of lap band vs. gastric sleeve) completely through these tiny incisions. Before this technology, these procedures would have been performed with incredibly invasive cuts and sometimes even open surgery.

This is especially important for procedures like lap band revision surgery, where a secondary operation is already risky enough. With additional procedures come additional risks, after all. In order to successfully convert the stomach into a gastric sleeve after lap band, risk must be minimized as much as possible. And, because Dr. Feiz has extensive training in bariatric and minimally invasive surgery, he can do just that.

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