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Dr. Feiz and Associates Support Lap Band Revision Surgery

Dr. Feiz and Associates support lap band revision surgery. Some patients who have had lap band surgery may not respond well to the device inserted into their body and are nervous about having another operation to help weight loss. The team here understands their frustrations and fears and does everything in their power to make them feel relaxed and secure about having a second, revision surgery.

Many of these patients enjoy band to sleeve surgery. This operation involves removing 75-85% of the stomach, and then reshaping the remaining portion into a sleeve-like structure. The reduced stomach effectively restricts the flow of food particles to the intestines, leading the patient to experience a faster-acting and longer-lasting sensation of satiety. As a result, the patient eats less in each sitting.

When comparing lap band vs. sleeve surgery, Dr. Feiz also likes to point out that when he removes part of your stomach in the gastrectomy, he is also removing the part of your stomach that creates the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin. Throughout the course of a regular day, ghrelin levels naturally change dramatically, rising steeply before a meal and then plummeting after eating. Ghrelin stimulates the brain, which leads to an increase in appetite, and it slows metabolism and decreases the body’s ability to burn fat. Ghrelin also favors the amassing of fatty tissue in the abdominal area. In experiments, people who got injections of ghrelin before a buffet meal ate 30 percent more than a group of eaters not given extra ghrelin. Imagine what your body can do without the ghrelin hormone!

Try not to let anything hold you back from becoming a healthier, leaner person. Dr. Feiz knows you can do it!