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Dr. Feiz Can Answer All of Your Ghrelin and Bariatric Surgery Questions

When researching the root causes of weight gain, one element that most people notice to be repeatedly stressed is the important role of ghrelin. Naturally, this inspires many to wonder, “what is ghrelin?”

Simply put, ghrelin is a naturally occurring hormone in a part of the stomach known as the fundus. The ghrelin hormone is responsible for stimulating the sensation of hunger, standing in direct opposition of the hormone leptin, which inspires the sensation of fullness after a nutritious meal.

While a healthy diet, exercise, and a stable emotional mindset can all play a large role in weight loss, moderation of the hunger hormone ghrelin can make a dramatic difference in losing weight.

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure performed by expert bariatric surgeon Dr. Feiz is an optimal way for those who are extremely overweight or obese to stop weight gain at one of its primary sources – ghrelin production. The surgery involves removing 75% to 85% of a patient’s stomach, including the majority of the fundus. As you can probably guess, this means that the production of ghrelin is substantially reduced, effectively putting an end to unwarranted feelings of hunger.

The sleeve gastrectomy surgery gets its name for the slender, sleeve-like structure that the remaining portion of stomach resembles. This remaining sleeve can regulate the flow of food particles into the intestines with far greater effectiveness, in many cases leading to life-changing weight loss among patients.

If you have any further questions regarding ghrelin, sleeve gastrectomy surgery or any of the other procedures practiced by Dr. Feiz, contact his offices for a free initial consultation.