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Dr. Feiz Discovers Why Band to Sleeve is Becoming So Popular

Dr. Feiz and Associates have discovered various reasons why band to sleeve operations are becoming more popular. Along with its improved weight loss results, the sleeve gastrectomy has had less intensive follow-ups when compared to laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding and other weight loss surgeries.

Some band patients may be unhappy with their bands and want them removed or converted because they have trouble losing weight or aren’t happy with the time-consuming follow up care that goes along with getting band adjustments. Dr. Feiz and his team want to help those patients as well as new patients find their best fit solution and get them on-track to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Another reason why so many doctors and patients are choosing sleeve surgery in the lap band vs. sleeve debate is because Ghrelin, the hormone that makes you hungry, is removed during Gastric sleeve surgery. After the surgery, Ghrelin levels significantly drop over the next five years. Due to the smaller stomach and lack of Ghrelin, people feel full after only 1-3 ounces of food, and see a 60 to 70 percent loss of excess weight in two years.

If you are thinking about a lap band revision surgery, then you can rest assured that Dr. Feiz is one of the best surgeons to see. He will not only perform the operation with exquisite skill and technique, he will also help educate you on the process.

Dr. Feiz received his Medical Degree from New York Medical College, with Honors. He would be honored to accompany you in your weight loss journey and finding the path to get there!

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