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Dr. Feiz Helps Patients Choose the Right Weight Loss Surgery for Them

After patients reading educational materials provided on the Dr. Feiz & Associates comprehensive website, they may be unsure which procedure would be best for them. Sleeve gastrectomy vs. lap band surgery, or perhaps gastric bypass, are among the choices presented to Dr. Feiz & Associates patients. Undergoing weight loss surgery is a major life decision, and Dr. Feiz and his talented staff of experts in bariatric medicine can help you decide which procedure would be most advantageous for you to put an end to your weight loss struggle once and for all.

One of the newer bariatric procedures available is called gastric sleeve surgery, or sleeve gastrectomy. This surgery involves the removal of a large segment of the stomach, and the remaining portion is fashioned in to a sleeve shape, hence the name. The reason patients choose this procedure over others is because it reduces cravings and hunger, because the hormone that causes hunger, called ghrelin, is removed. Dr. Feiz, as an innovator of improved weight loss surgery techniques, has performed numerous gastric sleeve procedures with great success, as is evidenced in the before and after photo gallery on the website.

Patients who want more information about their weight loss surgery options are encouraged to attend a FREE educational seminar, offered in numerous locations in Southern California. Please call Dr. Feiz & Associates today to learn more about whether you would be a good candidate for sleeve gastrectomy of any other bariatric surgery offered at this highly reputable Beverly Hills practice.