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Dr. Feiz is Hopeful about VSG and Reduction of Hunger Hormone Ghrelin

In recent years, studies into the root causes of obesity have regularly lead researchers to the importance of the stomach hormone ghrelin. In fact, any official ghrelin definition will involve an exploration of the role ghrelin plays in producing the feelings of hunger that are often the first step towards over-eating.

Residing in the lining of a region of the stomach known as the fundus, the hormone ghrelin increases to signal hunger, and decrease once the body has taken in the needed nutrients. However, for a number of reasons, the body sometimes creates more ghrelin than necessary. In these cases, feelings of hunger continue well after eating, and as you might have guessed, this has been identified as one of the chief factors in the epidemic of obesity we face in the U.S.

The discovery of ghrelin’s role in creating feelings of hunger has largely inspired one of the most effective methods to for safe and effective weight loss. Through gastric sleeve surgery performed by expert surgeons like Dr. Feiz, the amount of ghrelin produced in the stomachs of patients is drastically reduced. In the procedure, Dr. Feiz removes the majority of the stomach reducing ghrelin production and leading to less fat storage.

In order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise and a proper, nutritious diet are essential, though in extremely overweight or obese patients, ghrelin reduction through gastric sleeve surgery may be the ideal option. For further information on weight loss and a FREE consultation, contact Dr. Feiz and Associates today and learn about your options for fast, safe and effective weight loss surgery.

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