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Dr. Feiz is the Bariatric Surgeon Patients Trust

Bariatric surgery is an important area of medicine because it allows patients suffering with severe obesity to have a path forward out of poor health and a poor quality of life. Severely obese patients face many health issues that make daily life difficult. In addition, many of these issues are life threatening, and the average patient who is severely obese has a lifespan that is drastically reduced compared to their peers of a healthy weight. In order to ward off these life threatening issues which include heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, Dr. Michael Feiz is working hard to provide patients with options that offer real results.

For potential patients interested in bariatric surgery, or who may have simple questions such as wanting to inquire about the difference between a Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve procedure, our team has the knowledge and the expertise that you’ve been looking for. Our own Dr. Feiz is a leader in the field of weight loss surgery, and an expert that patients and professionals trust.

As a highly experienced surgeon, Dr. Feiz is dedicated to helping patients suffering from severe obesity obtain the best possible care. All of his procedures are performed with precision and allow minimal chances for side effects and provide rapid recovery times. These procedures include band to sleeve revision. Because some previous patients of weight loss surgery experience difficulties, our team has the tools and resources to address those issues. In most cases, a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band is the best solution. For weight loss surgery, you deserve the best, and you’ll find it with Dr. Feiz.