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Dr. Feiz Offers Support during your Recovery from Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, MD, FACS prides himself on providing comfort and support throughout the whole weight loss process, before, during, and after. He offers a compassionate and informed voice while you consider your weight loss surgery options and he brings an expert touch and trusting aura on the day of the procedure. Dr. Feiz continues to shine after the procedure, when it is time for you to begin the recovery process and begin your weight loss journey.

The first thing that Dr. Feiz does to ensure success after a procedure is to fully prepare a patient before the surgery even happens. This includes an education about what to expect when it comes to diet throughout recovery and after that. Beginning with gentle diet (often all liquid) allows the stomach to heal properly after an operation and also helps the patient get used to the new way in which their bodies treat fullness. For example, after a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, a patient has physical limitations on how much food they can intake and retraining the patient to eat is a vital part of healing and eventually losing weight.

Besides helping with the nutritional aspects of the post-operative process, Dr. Feiz also acts as a strong support system for patients whose lives are rapidly changing. New feelings and experiences will happen as the pounds drop off and it’s important to have an ally who can be a constant presence during this period of time. In addition, Dr. Feiz makes sure that his patient’s health is in top-condition and that they are losing the weight healthily (through diet and exercise) and, in the case of the lap band, making sure the adjustable band is fitted properly.

Dr. Feiz can be reached for a free consultation on bariatric surgery by calling 310-817-6911

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