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Dr. Feiz’ Patients Note His Compassion

Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS and his associates believe that bariatric surgery patients can provide a unique point of view to those seeking out weight loss procedures. It’s pretty apparent that Dr. Feiz’ expertise with bariatric surgeries has changed many lives. If you’re considering a bariatric procedure like gastric sleeve or lap band in Los Angeles, then please look around Dr. Feiz’ site at his many glowing written testimonials, patients’ videos, and before and after pictures to get a feel of his skill and bedside manner.

One video has many of his former patients speaking on their experiences with Dr. Feiz. Some received the gastric sleeve operation, while others have gotten an FDA compliant lap band procedure. All have lost weight, radically transforming their health and relationship with food. Here are some direct quotes, speaking about Dr. Feiz’ positive influence on the process:

· “[Dr. Feiz is] one of the kindest individuals I ever met…He’s reassuring, extremely knowledgeable and shares that knowledge with you…My experience was magnificent!”

· “His sympathy on how you feel and his compassion…was just awesome.”

· “Having a doctor who really cares…who is very passionate about what they do…makes all the difference in the world.”

· “[Dr. Feiz] was like a friend to me…he talked me through it.” He said, “‘I’m here for you no matter what’ and he was.”

· “My experience with Dr. Feiz was excellent, [a] great experience!”

To meet Dr. Feiz for a free consultation, please call his office at 310-817-6911. In a meeting, he can discuss related issues, such as lap band cost and recovery time. You’ll leave your meeting feeling educated and informed enough to make a decision about your health, knowing Dr. Feiz is by your side the whole way.

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