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Dr. Feiz Shares Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) as Bariatric Option

For effective weight loss procedures, Los Angeles residents have come to trust Dr. Feiz and Associates. Dr. Feiz brings his personal expertise to surgeries including gastric sleeve procedure and various other life-changing surgeries.

Whether it’s referred to as gastric sleeve procedure, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or even VSG, the surgery remains one of the most effective for fast, dramatic, and long-lasting weight loss. For much of his career, expert bariatric surgeon Dr. Feiz has aided overweight and obese patients, enhancing the quality and often significantly extending the length of their lives through the surgery.

VSG has been found to substantially reduce the impact of obesity-related health conditions like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. In a number of documented cases, patients have even seen their diabetes go into full remission, allowing them to completely go off their medication.

As one of the leading bariatric surgeons in the U.S., Dr. Feiz is qualified to lead his team in performing VSG using the advanced STARR treatment. This technique allows the doctor to complete the entire surgery using only a single incision, leading to a faster recovery period and less post-operative discomfort, and no residual scarring.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is not right for everyone, but it could be your best choice for safe, effective and dramatic weight-loss. For information about the procedure or any other weight loss options offered by Dr. Feiz and Associates, contact the offices today for a FREE consultation. Dr. Feiz is happy to offer his expert opinion on your best option for life-changing weight-loss.

Dr. Feiz & Associates offer many options to people interested in solutions for weight loss in Los Angeles. The highly experienced Dr. Michael Feiz and his team provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Los Angeles. They also provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Beverly Hills, Oxnard, Huntington Beach, and a variety of other convenient office locations.

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