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Dream it, and then Achieve it: Get Down to a Healthy Weight with Dr. Feiz

Renowned lap band and gastric sleeve surgery physician Dr. Michael Feiz has helped countless patients reach their goal weight by providing the best weight loss solutions in Los Angeles and beyond. As an innovator in the field of bariatric surgery, Dr. Feiz has been recognized on multiple levels, from nationally to locally and then most importantly, by his own patients. Their testimonials, featured on his website, truly point out how Dr. Feiz was able to help these patients better their lives by not only losing weight but ditching previous bad habits, from overeating to not exercising and simply not taking advantage of all the opportunities life has to offer.

One of the procedures that Dr. Feiz is particularly known for and he has received various accolades is sleeve gastrectomy, also known as gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure entails the removal of about 85 percent of the stomach and then the remaining portion holds a much smaller capacity for food, but it also cuts back on the patients hunger levels. Because patients feel far less hunger, they are able to lose weight without the agony of constant cravings and feeling the need to gorge. What’s more, they often are able to shed their obesity-associated illnesses along with their weight loss. This can be a huge blessing for patients who have struggled to maintain their health while their weight was much higher than it should have been.

If you are interested in bariatric surgery with Dr. Feiz, don’t delay changing your life.

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