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Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles

Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles

Seeking professional help for your addiction is probably the best choice you will ever make. Most alcohol and drug addicts have tried to quit on their own but find it difficult. Most of them keep falling back on the substance they're addicted to while promising themselves that this will be the last time.

Outpatient addiction treatment may not produce the required if the addiction has lasted long or the substance use has always been excessive. We only recommend outpatient treatment for patients whose addiction has lasted for less than a year and who are in stable health conditions. Outpatient treatment also requires that the patient have someone supporting them throughout the treatment.

If you or any of your loved ones have continuously failed to break free from the addiction, you should register to attend an inpatient treatment program instead. Our addiction treatment center is the best among other Los Angeles drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs.

Our inpatient alcohol addiction treatment center program provides high-quality treatment for people struggling with addiction. Patients enjoy 24/7 close supervision and care from withdrawal symptoms, usually the cause of relapse in outpatients.

Although the recovery stages are the same for every patient, we have personalized treatment plans for patients who require special treatment. The individualized plans include therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and medical detox protocols.

A balanced diet is important in building immunity against infections and contributing to quick recovery from addiction. At Mariposa Detox Center, our patients enjoy nutritious and gourmet meals. They also enjoy special treatments like yoga, massage therapy, guided meditation, and hypnotherapy.

The treatment program from addiction to recovery starts with detox to residential treatment to aftercare. Our detox programs include alcohol, heroin, prescription pills, suboxone, cocaine, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine detox.

The residential treatment usually lasts for 30 – 45 days depending on individual needs, and our patients have access to tools necessary for long-term recovery.

Ultimately, we try to ensure that patients enjoy the best care possible and that they’re treated with dignity and respect.

Our Facilities

During the recovery process, the withdrawal symptoms can make the patients pretty uncomfortable. Hence, patients need the safest and most comfortable treatment facilities to make their recovery less unpleasant. Our Los Angeles, California, alcohol, and drug rehab center has some of the best accommodations for an addiction treatment program.

The beautiful scenery of nature surrounds our facility to take patients' minds off their addiction and experience a quick recovery. All the bedrooms, living rooms, backyard, and kitchen are kept clean at all times because we understand the importance of cleanliness in addiction treatment.  

Our Staff

At Mariposa Detox Center, we have some of the best-trained professionals with several years of alcohol addiction treatment experience. Some of them have even struggled with addiction in the past and have recovered from it.

Most of us can directly relate to the problems patients are going through, having experienced similar situations in the past. Patients find it easier to trust and open up about their thoughts and emotions to doctors who can easily understand them, and this is what our program offers.

The staffs include nurses and support staff dedicated to ensuring that our patients are safe and comfortable throughout the recovery process.

Our staff is also trained to provide outpatient drug rehab care in Los Angeles, California. However, we encourage patients who have struggled with the addiction for a longer period to attend inpatient addiction treatment center programs. Our inpatient drug rehab center is second to none, providing you with every amenity you will ever need for faster recovery.

Start your journey to recovery from alcohol and drug use. Contact professionals at our addiction treatment center in Los Angeles to make inquiries and schedule an appointment. Contact Mariposa Detox Center and take the first step toward your new life: 888-251-6968


Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles
Mariposa Detox Center
Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles
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